2021 Demand Recap – How Arizona Construction Continues to Evolve 

2021 Demand Recap – How Arizona Construction Continues to Evolve 



December 10, 2021


In a post-pandemic economy, opportunities are booming. Projects that were postponed in 2020 were put back on the calendar, creating new opportunities for craft professionals in every specialty.  


“Amid an ongoing housing market boom, the construction industry added 110,000 jobs in March, recovering over 80% of the jobs lost over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Frank Sorrentino, Forbes Contributor, Banking & Insurance 


Since its launch in October 2019 pre-pandemic, Build Your Future Arizona has attended events with over 16,000 local students, but there are so many more opportunities to fill.  


After experiencing supply chain obstacles and delayed starts throughout early 2021, we’re seeing the industry gain momentum as one year comes to an end, and the next one begins. This year has seen a surge in volume and demand for craft professionals, especially for these top 5 skilled crafts in the highest demand:  


  • Carpenters – 57k open positions ​ 
  • Craft Laborers – 42k  
  • Masons – 26k ​ 
  • Painters – 16k ​ 
  • Electricians – 15.8k 


Experts are sharing that national construction growth is projected to stabilize at “an annual average growth of 2.2%” following 1.8% growth in 2021, and an estimated 3.1% in 2022. (Global News Wire, 2021). As we enter 2022, we’re already seeing the projected surge in demand for skilled craft positions following the increased demand for housing projects, infrastructure, and overall expansion in Arizona. You can see it as you travel around the valley, construction is everywhere! 


Looking toward the future, over a quarter of a million craft professionals will be needed in Arizona by December 2024. The current workforce will also continue to mature and retire; leaving even more jobs on the table. This growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, and that means job security. 


Construction touches every aspect of life in Arizona, from roads and airports, apartments to single-family homes, office buildings to hospitals. These are not just structures or highways; they are a legacy from a current generation impacting Arizona’s future generations for decades to come. To learn more about in-demand construction careers, earnings, where to get training, current career opportunities, and more, visit arizona.byf.org.