Everything You Need to Know About Apprenticeship Programs

Everything You Need to Know About Apprenticeship Programs



January 25, 2020


We get asked this a lot: what is the difference between an apprenticeship program and a degree/certificate program??


If you’ve heard of apprenticeships, it was probably in history class, and it likely had something to do with classic painters.


If this is the only model you have for apprenticeships, you’re missing out on a BIG opportunity.


Apprenticeship programs are a great way to get your start in the trade professions.


Meet Irvin, an electrician who got his start as his apprentice.


Here’s what Irvin had to say about his experience.


“I was hired right on the spot. They paid all four years of my apprenticeship program and I have no debt… Right after I graduated from the apprenticeship they gave me $21/hour. They made me salary when I became an estimator. Now it’s $35 per hour.”

Here’s What You Need to Know

Apprenticeship programs offer hands-on learning. They are AWESOME for people who learn best through experiences, because they allow you to do 80% of your training in the field.


These types of programs offer extensive, in-depth training over the course of about four years, so you emerge from the program as a highly skilled professional.


Apprenticeship programs pay an hourly wage and virtually eliminate student loan debt. Community college degrees and certificate programs are also affordable options.


Usually, apprenticeship programs lead to full time employment and lots of opportunities to advance in the company.


Some, like this program at Arizona Masonry Council, even offer nationally recognized credentials.


Build Your Future Arizona partners with apprenticeship programs statewide. Whether you are a parent, educator, or job seeker, we have the resources to connect you to the right apprenticeship.


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