Are You “Well-Rounded?” 4 Powerful Goals for 2021.

Are You “Well-Rounded?” 4 Powerful Goals for 2021.



January 15, 2021

A career in the skilled crafts relies on adaptability and a “can-do” approach. As you leave behind the most unpredictable, disconnected year we’ve seen, look forward to 2021 with goals that prepare you for the next big opportunities in your career. Consider these goals that are focused on making you more well-rounded and connected.

  1. Step Up Your Email Game

Construction is a relationships career, right? Very true. Today’s successful individuals are building relationships online, with email as the primary method of communication. This has never been truer than in 2020. Today’s virtual relationships lack a handshake, but the convenience and immediacy of sending a simple email has changed the game forever. Make a commitment in 2021 that you will respond faster, provide more detail, and give more attention to your emails than ever before. Check out Grammarly’s blog about some tips you can refer to when you are considering sending an application via email. Be sure to check your email frequently and ensure that you aren’t leaving a potential opportunity unread. Responding to that single email could be the difference between finding a job or someone else finding that job before you!

  1. Expand Your Network

Grabbing a drink after clocking out has not been an option in 2020. Before, we were able to attend in-person networking events, meet new people, and create those connections much easier! The world is finding itself more isolated than ever before, but don’t let that that hinder your ability to connect with your job network. Maintaining a strong connection to the industry means opportunity – to learn, apply for jobs, and connect with influential people in your field. In 2021, commit yourself to connection. You can join a club, find a mentor or even polish up your LinkedIn profile. Look into classes where you can connect virtually with other students and virtual events that may help to get you in front of a future potential employer. You can also look into creating a job seeker profile on our Career Center! This will help to get your resume in front of industry professionals who are looking to hire. It’s a great way to introduce yourself without having to be there in person.

  1. Hone a Healthy Mentality

2021 is going to be a year for healing. No matter who you are, you’ve been through something over the last year. Carve time out of your days and weeks to meditate and focus your mind. Use apps like HeadspaceMoodfit, or Shine.  These apps have a range of potential benefits! These apps can be engaging and a fun way to help you learn about mental health and improve your well being. Remember that the “work you” shares the same body and mind as the “personal-you.” Take care of yourself and you’ll see the benefits and effects putting your mental health first provides in your work and most importantly, YOU!

  1. Never Stop Reaching Higher

As you elevate yourself with the previous three goals, you may see opportunities at your doorstep. Just because you’ve got a good thing now doesn’t mean another opportunity isn’t around the corner tomorrow. Of course, loyalty and gratitude are valuable, they don’t disqualify you from looking for bigger and better things. Often, these opportunities can be found with your current employer. If you see an opening or a need, pursue it. You’ll never regret dreaming big. Sign up for job alerts with Build Your Future Arizona to see when new opportunities become available.