Arizona Construction Companies Lead by Example, Promote Work/Life Balance

Arizona Construction Companies Lead by Example, Promote Work/Life Balance



May 11, 2021

These days, many employers take work/life balance seriously, with whole industries springing up to support employee wellness programs. The construction industry still sees a fair bit of stigma surrounding the idea of mental health struggles, but some of our investors are leading the charge to prioritize their employees’ whole health. Read on to learn how these titans of Arizona’s skilled crafts are normalizing the commitment to work/life balance in their individual workplaces.

Champion Home Builders

Prioritizing team members is at the center of Champion Home Builder’s corporate identity.  Champion knows that their success is dependent on the dedication and talent of their workforce and they take concrete steps every day to keep their team happy. Being an Arizona company with brutal summer temperatures, the first way Champion addresses employee needs is by structuring unique work schedules. These schedules allow employees to “miss” the hottest parts of the day, but also permits team members to be home earlier so they get valuable family and leisure time.

At a very straightforward level, Champion combats the heat by providing coolers, fans, water and ice to every worksite. On particularly hot days, you’ll find team members distributing popsicles and other frozen treats. Small gestures help employees feel valued as well as infusing the workday with a bit of fun and distraction.

Finally, Champion offers a generous paid vacation package after six months of employment and gives paid holiday time to encourage employees to spend these important days with family and friends.

These efforts can definitely help create a positive work environment!


Lennar caters to its associates’ mental health through a program they call “Well-Being Max,” which provides wellness webinar topics, and “Well-Being” consultations with a “Well-Being” coordinator. Employees are encouraged to see well-being through a multifaceted lens – so that tending to their emotional, social and mental needs are also on the radar in concert with physical well-being.

The Lennar benefits program offers educational support and resources to bolster associate engagement and become an active, proactive participant in their wellness and mental health. The benefits program strives to help employees understand the relationship between health, home and work, and stay connected with their co-workers, family and community.

These comprehensive services available to Lennar employees truly promote whole health!

DP Electric

DP Electric (DPE) takes a tactical approach to supporting team members’ mental health, building strategies right into the in-house apprenticeship and leadership training. Both training tracks include stress management, suicide prevention and overall mental health awareness.

For employees in need, DPE also provides a free and confidential employee assistance program through the company’s health insurance provider. Counseling sessions, professional advice and additional resources support employees and are completely free of charge.

Finally, team members are encouraged to support one another and reduce the stigma and shame around mental health challenges by making discussion transparent and part of the daily routine. Mental health is discussed at safety meetings, in daily huddles and at quarterly meetings.

DPE’s priorities are apparent with these supports in place!

Pulte Group

In their first year of employment, PulteGroup team members have an opportunity to earn up to 23 days off per year, growing to 28 days off per year with 10 years of service. Employees are also permitted two days off annually for volunteering opportunities, which has been shown to improve self-esteem and provide volunteers with an overall better feeling of life satisfaction1.

PulteGroup also provides employees with an Employee Assistance Program. Under the terms of the plan all employees and their dependents are offered Health Advocate Services at no cost. These services include expert healthcare help, confidential counseling, and work/life balance support.

Flexible work schedules round out the benefits PulteGroup gives employees to support their mental health and work/life balance. In select roles you can start your workday early in order to be home in time for dinner, or come in late, if you enjoy taking your kids to school. This flexibility also allows employees to avoid rush hour and the added stress of commute delays.

PulteGroup’s encouragement of not only self-care, but community give back contributes to a positive impact for all! It’s no wonder why PulteGroup was recently named among the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® this year.

Leading the way

These are just a few of the Build Your Future Arizona investors doing their part to support their team members. Through their leadership, a new era for the skilled crafts business is here.

To see what opportunities are available at these great companies (and others like them), please check out our Career Center on the Build Your Future AZ website.