Build Integrity with a Career in Construction

Build Integrity with a Career in Construction



October 21, 2020

“Hard work builds character.” In the construction industry, you’ll find that your career and your character are inevitably intertwined. Here are a few ways that working as a trade professional builds integrity.


You Build Relationships with Mentors and Apprentices

No matter how advanced our tools and materials get, in the end, the construction industry is about people and skills. At the start of your career, you may work as an apprentice. This is an opportunity to learn from experts that have dedicated their lives to their trade. The passing of knowledge and experience is a sacred rite for the mentor—and an opportunity to honor that commitment for the apprentice.


You Foster Trust with Partners

During long- and short-term projects, you will work closely with partners. The relationships you build during these moments lay a foundation for the rest of your career. Tradespeople who deliver quality work, on time, will benefit from a great reputation. Your word is your bond in this industry.


You Get Involved with Community Projects

There are many opportunities to volunteer as a skilled craft laborer. The trades support communities in countless ways, including in organizations like Habitat for Humanity, which builds homes across the U.S. and in 70 countries. The Hard Hat Heroes programs create opportunities for veterans, including access to free construction credentials. Learn more about how you can give.


You Leave a Legacy

Skilled craft laborers construct the homes, businesses and parks where people live their lives. Your impact will be felt for generations as you design, build and finish structures in your community. Few careers offer this opportunity to leave such a lasting physical legacy.


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