Construction Salaries: A Lot Bigger Than You’d Think ​

Construction Salaries: A Lot Bigger Than You’d Think ​



July 13, 2021

Chances are you’ve spent lots of time stuck indoors this past year — more so than you’d prefer.​

As America reopens post-pandemic, more people are realizing how much they miss things like being outside and working with their hands. A career in construction suddenly seems a lot more attractive. And it’s not just the job satisfaction that’s attractive — it’s also the pay. Yes, construction jobs actually pay really well, and don’t require the typical four-year college education to get there.​

“The United States is shifting from a service-based economy to a nation of movers and makers,” MSN recently reported.​

“Construction jobs are only 2% below pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, positions in arts, entertainment, recreation and food service may not return to 2020 levels for some time, if at all.”​

How do construction salaries in Arizona compare to those in other industries? Pretty well, as it turns out. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary for an Arizona-based construction gig is $48,950. That’s higher than the average Arizona salary in the following other industries:​

· Community and Social Service (guidance counselor, family social worker, health education specialist)​

· Healthcare Support (massage therapist, medical assistant, phlebotomist)​

· Food Preparation and Serving (restaurant cook, waiter/waitress, bartender)​

· Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance (housekeeping cleaner, pest control worker, landscaping worker)​

· Personal Care and Service (animal trainer, fitness instructor, barber/hairstylist)​

· Sales and Related (cashier, travel agent, telemarketer)​

· Office and Administrative Support (telephone operator, bank teller, mail carrier)​

· Farming, Fishing, and Forestry (agricultural inspector, farmworker, logging equipment operator)​

· Transportation and Material Moving (air traffic controller, ambulance driver, parking attendant)​

That $48,950 average is also on par with the average Arizona salaries in these other industries:​

· Educational Instruction and Library (sociology teacher, museum technician, archivist)​

· Protective Service (firefighter, fish and game warden, security guard)​

· Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (autobody worker, truck mechanic, locksmith)​

Arizona’s construction industry features quite a few jobs with an average salary over $50k. These jobs include Millwright ($61,360), Underground Construction Worker ($58,555), Sprinkler Fitter ($55,328), Heavy Equipment Operator ($52,666), Ironworker ($52,291) and Drywall Installer ($52,000). None of these jobs require a college degree, opting instead for some mix of apprenticeship, industry training, technical school and community college instruction. (If you do go the university route, you can become a Construction Manager, which draws a $92,518 average salary in Arizona.)​

To explore more salary estimates for AZ construction jobs, visit Build Your Future Arizona.​

“There is a great reassessment going on in the U.S. economy,” the Washington Post recently reported. “There is also growing evidence — both anecdotal and in surveys — that a lot of people want to do something different with their lives than they did before the pandemic.”​

It’s a good time to pursue a construction career right now — especially in Arizona. For example, Phoenix was recently ranked the fifth best American city for construction workers, based on the number of new building permits the city is issuing.​

Clearly, there are some great reasons to consider a career in construction. And you can take that to the bank.