How High-Tech Is Transforming the Trades

How High-Tech Is Transforming the Trades



June 13, 2020


Imagine a world without the internet. Without smart phones. Without computers.


Technology is so much a part of our daily lives that it’s tough to visualize work, school and play without them. But this was the world just a few decades ago, and even more recently in the construction industry. Though the trades have a legacy built around hands-on expertise and craftsmanship, they are quickly evolving thanks to new technologies and continuing innovation.


“Back when I started, it was pulling out a set of blueprints.” says Aaron Thompson, VP & Partner, Design, Fabrication, & Safety, at Corbins Electric, a Build Your Future Arizona sponsor. “Now,” he says, “the blueprints are no longer blue, and plans are digital—and sometimes fully immersive. (We’re) building these projects in a 3D world that allows you to walk through an unbuilt building. The technology we’re using is leaps and bounds from what it used to be.”


New phones and tablets can display picture-perfect blueprints and renderings to keep in your pocket (without worrying about losing, misplacing or having the wind blow them away). Even 4D and 5D construction site simulations are allowing builders to get an in-depth look at a job site, without having to even be near the project.


What does this mean for a person like you, looking at a future in the world of construction and skilled trades?


Job candidates with both hands-on and technology skills are highly valued. Now, Thompson says, firms are “finding people that have a strong computer mindset. We are hiring people who are gamers.” In other words, the technology skills you build now will help set you up for a successful career.


There’s no doubt that technology has and will continue to change the construction industry. Whether it’s through tools used to build like a portable circular saw, or devices like tablets and phones, the world of construction is an exciting place to be if you’re interested in being on the forefront of the latest technology. Explore a career built for you, map out your career path, connect with local employers and more at Build Your Future Arizona.