How to Set Career Goals and Achieve Them

How to Set Career Goals and Achieve Them



January 14, 2022


Setting career goals is essential to career success. Individual career goals help define a clear and direct roadmap that can set you up to be a leader in your chosen industry.


So, you have a career goal—now what?


Start with your most ambitious goal and work backward. A significant goal like becoming a CEO or owner of your own company may feel unrealistic today, but not impossible if you implement smaller goals along the way to support it. To start, map out the career path you’ll need to take to get to where you want to go. Consider this example: CEOs directly manage supervisors and directors. But those individuals oversee managers, who then manage leaders and entry-level employees. Your goals can be as simple as making your way through each position toward the top.


However, achievable goals require more planning than “becoming a manager.” Once you know the first few goals, the steps to get there start with a conversation. Ask your current manager what you can do to take on more responsibility and how you can get to the next step in your career. What criteria do you need to meet before you can move forward? How can you work towards those goals at a realistic pace? When a mentor or manager is on your side, you’ll be surprised by how achievable goals can be.


If your career goal doesn’t come with a corporate ladder to climb, you’ll have to get creative. Maybe that means learning a new skill, working on specific projects outside of your normal workload, or managing a small team. You can approach it the same way as our first example – start small and keep going. As you achieve smaller goals along the way, you’ll stay motivated to reach the finish line.


Career goals don’t come with an instruction manual. Stay motivated, do your research, and talk to those around you. Above all – ask for what you want. Opportunities can pass you by if no one knows you’re interested.


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