Is Adaptability Your Most Valued Quality?

Is Adaptability Your Most Valued Quality?



December 01, 2020

As we duck and weave the challenges of social distancing, sick family members, and a dipping economy, adaptability has been among the most important attributes a person can have.

COVID-19 doesn’t follow a calendar, but even still, the world can’t wait for 2020 to wrap up. As doors open back up and when the world can finally take off its mask, one thing will still be true – expect the unexpected.

As humans, we are built to adapt. Relentless technological breakthroughs over the last 50 years have shown us that we do our best work when we are challenged by an ever-changing environment. The construction industry is no different.

The job you apprentice for in 2020 may look totally different by the time you retire. Your greatest success will come with your ability to grow and lead as the industry evolves.

Here are a few ways that you can show off your adaptability to current and future employers:

  1. Take “I don’t do that” out of your vocabulary

There are some things that you just don’t know how to do yet (YET!). When a new skill is required to adapt, don’t push away that opportunity to grow. Be sure to explore all the resources available to you see if you can come to the solution through your own discovery or research. If an expert is needed, ask for their assistance, and if you can shadow them to learn and grow from them. This attitude will position you to your bosses as ambitious, curious, and focused on solutions rather than problems. American author and teacher, Seth Godin, says “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” The only way that we can learn and grow is to take on new ventures and to take on a “Yes” attitude. 

  1. Continue growth and professional development

If you find yourself getting restless with your responsibilities, take that as a sign that you are ready for growth. Talk to your manager about further learning opportunities and search for new approaches to your work. Are there any potential openings you have identified from working in your position that you would like to learn more about? Be sure to identify growth outside of your current position and speak candidly with your manager about that. They will be sure to not only provide you with the resources you need but could even potentially provide you with pathways to explore within your company. Of course, we can’t always change the day-to-day needs of our jobs – cement needs to be poured, boards need to be cut… But a curious attitude will make sure that you stay engaged and when opportunities for adaptation or improvement arise, you’ll be prepared.

  1. Lead by example

Leadership skills are at the top of any employer’s list and your ability to lead by example will make you shine when promotions are being handed out. Of course, leading is much more than telling people what to do. It’s about being knowledgeable and empowering others with your knowledge. Raise your hand for jobs that others might not take on themselves, and don’t be afraid to stand out from the others regardless of popular opinion. Help others adapt to new challenges by sharing your experience. If you begin stepping up and showing your worth, not only will those who lead above you notice but so will those on your team that work closest with you. Your willingness to lead your team and take initiative will be an attribute that is apparent when it comes to any potential promotions that arise.

  1. Avoid a negative attitude at all costs

People who adapt should never be stuck in a rut. Rather, they should find a groove, where they are constantly elevating their growth through learning and collaboration. Ruts get deeper the more time you spend in them. Work with your manager to find new ways to improve your work and bring more value to your team. Always come to the table with a positive attitude and be sure to be mindful of your actions on the job site or when being asked to take on a job that isn’t exactly appealing. If you learn to roll with the tasks handed to you and handle them in an amicable manner, you may see yourself landing a larger project or given more responsibilities than others in the field. If you are self-employed, start looking for jobs that push your limits. Specialization is a powerful thing, but nobody became the best in their field by doing the same thing every day.

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