Tracy Sanders – Mentoring and Career Path

Tracy Sanders – Mentoring and Career Path



February 26, 2021

Tracy Sanders works at Sundt as the Social Responsibility & Community Development Coordinator. Her work with Sundt’s Small and Diverse Business Program has been instrumental in helping to create awareness and education to help spearhead their effort around diversity and inclusion!​

Tracy understands the importance of having an entrepreneurial spirit in the construction industry,​

but she also is hyper focused on the most important element–the people.​

We had a chance to chat with Tracy and take a deeper dive into her entrepreneurial and coaching skills to give us some insights to consider if you are deciding to move into the skilled crafts as a profession:​

1. Drawing on your experience as a life-coach, what are some recommendations you have for someone who is looking to join the skilled crafts and make a difference in their community? What would be the first step? ​

Making a difference in one’s community, regardless of the industry, is truly the call of being a servant leader. Both servant leadership and being socially responsible work together cohesively. One of the first steps of being socially responsible is understanding that you do make a difference by simply bringing your best to the table every day. These characteristics are important to develop as you grow professionally. Whether you are a skilled craftsman, an executive, ready to retire, or just getting started as an intern, your skill set and insight about your own unique life experiences hold immense value. They also help to influence your growth patterns and the way in which you rise to the occasion to accomplish your objectives. For this reason, don’t compare yourself to others, because everyone is on their own unique path. Every leader has to believe these things in order to create great impact within any environment. My recommendation is to get out there today! Start researching potential job opportunities and trainings available to you. Get in touch with a mentor or someone who can help to guide you to achieve your goals and dreams.​

2. Can you tell us more about the importance of networking as someone looking to enter into the construction industry? What mediums do you feel are most effective for job searching and keeping in contact with future potential employers?​

Creating connections and building lasting relationships can easily be the lifeblood of career growth! Make use of professional mediums such as LinkedIn and becoming a member of reputable organizations. LinkedIn can help you to gain visibility of companies and help you to market yourself within the industry, and to build a professional social community for yourself. Making the decision to join in an organization around the valley will help you to build upon your understanding of the industry, networking, find a mentor or mentoring, and be exposed to plenty of leadership opportunities within the skilled crafts! In addition, Build Your Future Arizona’s Career Center is a hub of job opportunities if you’re looking to start applying today.​

3. If you were someone coming into the industry and you weren’t entirely sure of what career path was going to be the best for you, how can you be sure that you are headed in the right direction? ​

Taking a career or personal assessment is always a great place to start. Having a better understanding of yourself will be sure to help you in your search for a career in construction that fits you best. As a life coach, I also recommend evaluating your life satisfaction status. This will help you prioritize your values and assist with creating a career you can only dream of. ​

4. What do you recommend for someone who is entering into the construction industry from another industry? ​

Although the skilled crafts are unique, there’s always room within this industry for growth. With the right company, or even the right mentor, you will be able to be embraced and appreciated for your areas of expertise. ​

At Build Your Future Arizona, we are committed to helping you find that career path in the skilled crafts that fits you best! We are committed to providing you with opportunities available to you in the trades. Whether you’re just starting out in the skilled trades, coming from another industry, or even still trying to nail down your career path, we are here for you!